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Kiko Menopause Balance

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By Kiko Vitals.

Kiko Menopause Balance is a supplement for biological females that helps alleviate menopausal and hormonal symptoms and promotes homeostasis regulation. Scientifically formulated with therapeutic doses, it mitigates risks of overdosing. Carefully selected ingredients work together to provide complementary and effective results.

The standardized herbal extracts in this supplement are all sourced through certified/accredited

ISO9001, GMP and FSSC suppliers to ensure the best possible quality and consistency of each


60 capsules


✓ Take 2 Capsules Daily with 30 minutes before or after a meal.

✓ This supplement does not have sedative or stimulant properties, but it is recommended to take it in the

✓ morning or afternoon with a meal.

✓ You can split your dosage into 1 Capsule two times a day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

✓ Do not exceed recommended dosage.

✓ Recommended for biological adult females that are 45 years and older.


✓ Ashwagandha 200mg,

✓ Magnesium Citrate 170mg,

✓ Red Raspberry Leaf 100mg,

✓ Red Clover  80mg,

✓ Chasteberry 40mg,

✓ Maca 30mg, Dong Quai 20mg,

✓ Black Cohosh 20mg,

✓ Vitamin E 15mg,

✓ Zinc Citrate 15mg,

✓ Vitamin B6 10mg,

✓ Vitamin B3 3mg,

✓ Vitamin B5 1mg,

✓ Vitamin B12, 0.5mg


✓ Stabilized moods

✓ Improvement of general immunity

✓ Increased energy levels

✓ Reduced fatigue

✓ Better quality sleep

✓ Reduced hot flashes